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Wednesday July 10th, 2024: the Tour de France passes again on the Pas de Peyrol/Puy Mary and the Col de Pertus.

Roads from Murat, Apchon and Salers: OPEN!
The road from Mandailles will open Friday 21 June (12 a.m.)
The road between Col d'Eylac and the top will be closed during the month of September (side Apchon and Murat).

Les Fadas du Puy Mary

The idea of a cycling tourist from the Auvergne

How it started...

The Auvergne which is not quite France has his challenge...
A Fleming is in charge...
The idea is purely "Auvergne"...

Spend my entire childhood in the Haute Loire, cyclotourist by accident, in love with the Cantal in all its forms since nearly 30 years... it was little more than a completely foolish idea was growing under my skull cap.
Already conquered by the Puy Mary and its 360° panorama on the mounts of the Cantal, my first climb of the Pas de Peyrol starting in Mandailles in 2010 during the Cyclomontagnarde of the Massif Central with departure in Aurillac, left me on my hunger... Two years later and an other Cyclomontagnarde make me cross the path with Hugo who is Cinglé, Fêlé, Baron du Soulor...!!!??? A few more pedal strokes and the idea of a challenge around the Puy Mary and the Pas de Peyrol made his way in my little head.

And here we are at Murat with Hugo, June 17th 2015 to make this dream come true.

Murat is a small medieval village that is worth a visit… But we do not linger and climb up "quickly" to the Col d’Entremont; the road is uninteresting but only for these 6km... We turn left quickly on the Santoire Valley and from here you'll be astonished for the rest of the day, with the giant of the Cantal in focus: the Puy Mary, ranked Grand Site de France in 2012... The climb from this side is easy and quiet, only during the last few kilometers just after the Col d’Eylac you will push a little harder on the pedals... And here we are: Col du Pas de Peyrol... time to enjoy the panorama... nothing to say... just look...

We headed to Salers, classified one of the most beautiful villages of France, starting point for our second climb. First take your time to stroll through the cobblestone streets, to eat a "bourriol" or to taste a piece of Salers cheese... Shortly after leaving Salers you get past Les Burons de Salers, where you might have the chance to talk with the owner and former cyclist Jean-Pierre, just like me... The climb to the Col de Néronne is soft... enjoy it because the last two kilometers of the climb are demanding, you've certainly had to feel it going down...

For our third climb we take directio Apchon and its medieval castle, registered as a historic monument. We approach the Puy Mary by its north face and the beautiful valley of Cheylade... and pass the Col de Serre before we find again the same final of our first climb...

There remains Mandailles Saint-Julien and the valley of the Jordane to finish this beautiful palette, descent immortalized by the crash of Alexandre Vinokourov lduring the passage of the Tour de France in 2011...
Here, those who have opted for the Défi du Cantal will make a "back and forth" to Saint-Jacques-des-Blats passing the Col du Pertus in both directions, a demanding climb along the heavy slate roofs...

Another look on and a picture of the building with the text "Télégraphe – Poste – Téléphone – Caisse Nationale d’Epargne" and we're off for in the steady climb but without respite, except during the last two kilometers where younpass the Col de Redondet before we find one last time the Pas de Peyrol...

Four climbs, four wonderful valleys and six cols...
Pure happiness... and we were "Grand Fada du Puy Mary"

As very rightly says Hugo, the most Flemish Auvergnat:
The best-known: Les Cinglés du Mont Ventoux
The hardest: Les Fêlés du Grand Colombier
The most beautiful: Les Fadas du Puy Mary

Even ten years later, you will find the same emotions, just close your eyes...
Oath of an "Auvergnate"!!!
(June 2015)

Thanks to you
The idea
The exploit

The Puy Mary

From the top of the Puy Mary, the largest European volcano and listed as a "Grand Site de France", you have an unspoilt 360°-view of the Cantal and the seven glacier valleys.

The regulations

“The Fools of Puy Mary” is open for everyone starting at the age of 18 years who realizes in one day two, three of four different climbs of Col du Pas de Peyrol/Puy Mary (1588m) there and back with his bike with only his own muscular strenght.
The biker chooses the starting place and the order of the climbs! Not yet 18? Contact us!

The biker who achieves two different climbs becomes FADASSOU* (6 possibilities).
The biker who achieves three different climbs becomes FADA (4 possibilities).
The biker who achieves four different climbs becomes GRAND FADA.
*Fadassou: a diminutive of fada typical in the Auvergne.

The registration

The registration must reach the responsible correspondent (, together with the payment (€12), at least two weeks before the attempt.
Payment: only bank transfer on the bank account is accepted.
Holder: Les Fadas du Puy Mary; B-9100 Sint-Niklaas; Belgium
IBAN: BE18 1030 4602 6265
The attached member will then receive a frame-plate and a check card on which he collects the necessary stamps and mentions the hours of transit.

Download the entry form here

Places to mark

1. At the beginning of each climb: shop, post-office, city-hall, etc…
2. Only one stamp on top (Pas de Peyrol)

If it’s not possible to receive a stamp, it may be replaced by a photo. We further rely on the honesty of the participant.
STRAVA accepted!


The participants must respect the highway code just like any temporary measures and a lighting have if this would be necessary.
The participants are required to have a liability insurance. The organizer can never be held liable in case of accident.


After delivering the stamped check card the new member receives back his check card with the hierarchical sequence number on it together with his certificate and a souvenir.

Starting places – the 4 climbs

Apchon altitude: 1055 m
distance: 22,5km
climbing 668m (there) + 120m (back) = 788m
way: D49, D62, D680 (in common with Murat from Col de Serre)
on this climb: Col de Serre (1335 m) & Col d’Eylac (1375 m)
Mandailles altitude: 940 m
distance: 12 km
climbing 654 m (there) + 0 m (back) = 654 m
way: D17
on this climb: Col de Redondet (1531 m)
Murat altitude: 915 m
distance: 22,5km
climbing: 829 m (there) + 155 m (back) = 984 m
way: D3, D680 (in common with Apchon from Col de Serre)
on this climb: Col d’Entremont (1210 m), Col de Serre (1335 m) & Col d’Eylac (1375 m)
Salers altitude: 950 m
distance: 20,5km
climbing: 732 m (there) + 97 m (back) = 829 m
way: D680
on this climb: Col de Néronne (1241 m)

It is possible to start from any point on the course, even at the top of the Pas de Peyrol!

The possibilities to become fadassou, fada and grand fada

Salers + Mandailles 65 km 1483 m climbing
Apchon + Mandailles 69 km 1442 m climbing
Murat + Mandailles 71 km 1638 m climbing
Apchon + Salers 86 km 1617 m climbing
Murat + Salers 88 km 1813 m climbing
Apchon + Murat 92 km 1772 m climbing
Apchon + Salers + Mandailles 110 km 2271 m climbing
Murat + Salers + Mandailles 112 km 2467 m climbing
Apchon + Murat + Mandailles 116 km 2426 m climbing
Apchon + Murat + Salers 133 km 2601 m climbing
Grand fada
Apchon + Murat + Salers + Mandailles 157 km 3255 m climbing

Le Défi du Cantal (The Challenge of Cantal)

By adding the same day the two climbs of the Col de Pertus (1309m), one starting at Mandailles (940m) and the other starting at Saint-Jacques-des-Blats (993m) to the "Grand Fada" track. this is a 22km and 765 climbing extra or in total 179km and 4020m climbing.
The biker chooses the starting place and the order of the climbs!

Mandailles altitude: 940m
distance: 6km
climbing: 384m (there) + 15m (back) = 399m
way: D317
Saint-Jacques-Des-Blats altitude: 993m
distance: 5km
climbing: 341m (there) + 25m (back) = 366m

Download the map here


Apchon --> Pas de Peyrol / Puy Mary: #17711067
Mandailles --> Pas de Peyrol / Puy Mary: #17711100
Murat --> Pas de Peyrol / Puy Mary: #17711124
Salers --> Pas de Peyrol / Puy Mary: #17711089

Mandailles --> Col de Pertus: #17711128
Saint-Jacques des Blats --> Col de Pertus: #17711133

A video of the route is here (Défi du Cantal)

Our booklet can be found here

Challenge des Fous

Any cyclist who has made any of the following treks: the Fêlés du Grand Colombier, or the Fadas du Puy Mary or the Sixphonnés du Mont Brouilly is automatically enrolled in the Challenge des Fous. This honorific challenge is validated to any cyclist who has realized his three permanent treks and achieved those by his muscular strenght only.
Only cyclists holding the rank of Nabuchodonosor of the Sixphonnés du Mont Brouilly without electric assistance, will be admitted to participate in this challenge.
Four grades are possible:
- the grade of Petit Barjot is awarded to any cyclist who has completed the three treks during his career;
- the grade of Grand Azimuté is awarded to any cyclist who has homologated the three treks in a year (12 consecutive months);
- the grade of Totalement Déjanté is awarded to any cyclist who has approved the three treks within a maximum of one month from day to day.
- the grade of Intenable Déchainé is awarded to any cyclist who has approved the three treks in three consecutive days.

The bilan 2017 can be found here (only available in French)

The bilan 2018 can be found here (only available in French)

The bilan 2019 can be found here (only available in French)

The bilan 2020 can be found here (only available in French)

The bilan 2021 can be found here (only available in French)

The bilan 2022 can be found here (only available in French)

The bilan 2023 can be found here (only available in French)

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