Examples of accepted check cards (hours of passage are removed!)

STRAVA accepted.

Nr Name First name City Country Date
1 DE LAENDER Anita Lochristi B 15/07/2017
2 PELISSIER Christine Contrevoz F (01) 17/07/2017
3 RETIERE Hervé Cormeilles en Parisis F (95) 07/09/2017
4 DE COCK Peter Sint-Niklaas B 01/06/2018
5 DEFRANCQ Jan Ternat B 01/06/2018
6 DEKEUKELEIRE Rik Sint-Niklaas B 01/06/2018
7 JODLOWSKI Hans Sint-Niklaas B 01/06/2018
8 SCHEIRLINCK Michael Lokeren B 01/06/2018
9 DARDE Luc Odenas F (69) 07/08/2018
10 WUDTKE Reiner Düsseldorf D 19/08/2018
11 LOTHE Maryse Bourseville F (80) 09/09/2018
12 LOTHE Jean Jacques Bourseville F (80) 09/09/2018
13 BUINAND Christian Tossiat F (01) 31/07/2019
14 COSEMANS Alex Stevoort B 31/07/2019

Nr Name First name City Country Date
1 FRAISSE Frédéric Saint-André de Corcy F (01) 14/07/2017
2 DACHEZ Christian Brunoy F (91) 09/06/2018
3 ICART Philippe Monistrol sur Loire F (43) 23/06/2018
4 VIROULAUD Jean Garnat-Engièvre F (03) 23/08/2018
5 FLACHET Genevieve Friville-Escarbotin F (80) 09/09/2018
6 FLACHET Fredy Friville-Escarbotin F (80) 09/09/2018
7 MAILLARD Jean-Marie Maron F (54) 09/09/2018
8 GRÜNEWALD Petra Essen D 02/09/2018
9 BENINI Jochen Essen D 02/09/2018
10 RENAULT Aurélien Alizay F (27) 08/05/2019
11 THOULOUZE Aurélien Labeaume F (07) 01/06/2019
12 LASSERAND Michel Payrin Augmontel F (81) 16/07/2019

Grand Fada
Nr Name First name City Country Date
1 TRINCAL Marie-Hélène Clermont-Ferrand F (63) 17/06/2015
2 SUY Hugo Sint-Niklaas B 17/06/2015
3 CHEVAL Frédéric Vélizy-Villacoublay F (78) 15/07/2017
4 NELPHE Jean Luc Valence F (26) 12/07/2017
5 PADIOLLEAU Jacques-Henri Challans F (85) 18/07/2017
6 MARTIN Michel La Garnache F (85) 18/07/2017
7 SIRET Pierre Saint-Vincent F (43) 21/07/2017
8 RASSCHAERT Dirk Lochristi B 11/07/2017
9 COUSIN Xavier Trélazé F (49) 02/08/2017
10 GROS Lyonnel Neufchâteau F (88) 26/07/2017
11 LABEYE Thierry Lagnieu F (01) 23/08/2017
12 DENOUAL Hervé Plaisir F (78) 07/09/2017
13 DUCRET Robert Beauvoisin F (30) 23/06/2018
14 RIVET Michel Livry sur Seine F (77) 25/07/2018
15 ROHART Bertrand Villeneuve d'Ascq F (59) 13/09/2018
16 PONCET Nicolas Saint-Loup F (69) 08/09/2018
17 BRUNAT David Lyon F (69) 08/09/2018
18 SALMON Frédéric Janneyrias F (38) 17/07/2019
19 PALANCHON Hubert Bron F (69) 17/07/2019
20 MORIANGE Nicolas Hotonnes F (01) 31/07/2019
21 PHILIPPE François Heyrieux F (38) 22/08/2019
22 ARMAND Daniel Anglefort F (01) 21/09/2019
23 GRÜNEWALD Petra Essen D 17/06/2019
24 DARNIEAUD Romain Paris F (75) 07/09/2019

Nr Name First name City Country Date
1 SUY Hugo Sint-Niklaas B 16/07/2015
2 DE CRECY Philippe Saint-Pourçain sur Sioule F (03) 08/05/2017
3 JEAN Michel Saint-Beauzire F (63) 08/06/2017
4 CLAEYS Christiaan Oudenaarde B 27/06/2017
5 COOPMAN Patrick Maarkedal B 27/06/2017
6 PELLISIER Michel Contrevoz F (01) 17/07/2017
7 LANTIN Sophie Thiais F (94) 23/07/2017
8 OURSAIRE Henri-Alexandre Massiac F (15) 02/08/2017
9 ROQUES Daniel Saint-Loup F (69) 03/08/2017
10 TRINCAL Marie-Hélène Clermont-Ferrand F (63) 23/08/2017
11 SAMSON Nadine Buizingen B 03/09/2017
12 VANDEN ABEELE Eddy Buizingen B 03/09/2017
13 CAVAGNOUD Gilles Hauteville sur Fier F (74) 20/05/2018
14 GILIBERT Hervé Saint-Marcel les Annonay F (07) 26/05/2018
15 TESSIER Claude Villeperdue F (37) 23/06/2018
16 MONSIEUR Stephan Temse B 01/06/2018
17 PEETERS Koen Temse B 01/06/2018
18 ROMBAUTS Bart Kallo B 01/06/2018
19 BIHOUEE Jérôme Villeurbanne F (69) 22/07/2018
20 KHAYAN Myrna Villeneuve d'Ascq F (59) + VE 13/09/2018
21 DESSEAUX Robert Hellemmes F (59) 13/09/2018
22 DUMOND Romain Berlin D 21/05/2019
23 BRUCKNER Raymond L'Isle d'Abeau F (38) 08/06/2019
24 DEDEURWAERDERE Luc Gentbrugge B 19/06/2019
25 DUVERNAY Sophie Dijon F (21) 08/07/2019
26 MAURE Stéphane Dijon F (21) 08/07/2019
27 THOULOUZE Aurélien Labeaume F (07) 05/08/2019
28 REYT Jacky Aurillac F (15) 23/08/2019
29 BENINI Jochen Essen D 17/06/2019
30 BARTHÉLÉMY Marc Saint-Jacques-des-Blats F (15) 17/05/2020

Some reactions

Even the Ventoux is beautiful, this has nothing to do with it. This is more beautiful than beautiful! (Michel JEAN, June 8th, 2017; Défi)
Some cars, motorhomes and motorbikes especially on the way to Salers, sometimes small roads! But this is nothing in comparison with the beauty of this region! What a wonder! I'll be back, for sure! (Frédéric CHEVAL, July 15th, 2017; Grand Fada)
I'm fada (fool) and I'm proud of it. (Frédéric FRAISSE, July 14th, 2017; Fada)
Apart from the challenge for myself, this shows that it is possible for heart patients to sporting challenges by taking the necessary precautions. Thanks for this beautiful initiative. Super. (Pierre SIRET, July 21th, 2017; Grand Fada)
A magnificent day. I will promote it in my club. (Xavier Cousin, August 2nd, 2017; Grand Fada)
I took a lot of fun to do this challenge. (Lyonnel GROS, July 26th, 2017; Grand Fada)
As a native of the Cantal, I'll promote your organization which contributes fully to discover this magnificent region. (Daniel ROQUES, August 3th, 2017; Défi)
Thanks for your original idea and your engagement to this wonderful region, which deserves it. (Thierry LABEYE; August 23th, 2017; Grand Fada)
Thanks to your organisation we discovered the Cantal. For us it was a beautiful experience that will remain etched until our last breath. (Nadine SAMSON and Eddy VANDEN ABEELE, September 3th, 2017; Défi)
The region of the Puy Mary is a real jewel and I took great pleasure to traverse by bike. (Hervé DENOUAL, September 7th, 2017; Grand Fada)
I really loved it and I hope to realise 3 climbs next time. (Hervé RETIERE; September 7th, 2017; Fadassou)
This was a fantastic day between two friends, difficult of course but so interesting sportsmanlike as well as on tourist level. (Jacques-Henri PADIOLLEAU & Michel MARTIN, July 18th, 2017; Grand Fada)
The landscapes are gorgeous and the Cantal realy deserves the detour. I'll be back for 4 climbs, maybe in September. (Christian DACHEZ, June 9th, 2018; Fada)
Bravo for this beautiful idea, it's magnificent. (Robert DUCRET, June 23th, 2018; Grand Fada)
Already "cinglé" of the Mont Ventoux. It's a beautiful challenge, an unforgetable day with beautiful green landscapes, more quiet and particularly more difficult!!! Long live the Cantal. (Claude TESSIER, June 23th, 2018; Défi)
I was pleasantly surprised by the landscapes that offers the Puy Mary. (Jérôme BIHOUEE, July 22th, 2018; Défi)
I enjoyed it a lot. The landscapes are sumptuous. I will return one day to do the four climbs. (Luc DARDE, August 7th, 2018; Fadassou)
It's a great idea to have organized this challenge. It was a wonderful day with beautiful landscapes. A magnificent region, to be redone as soon as possible... (Michel RIVET, July 25th, 2018; Grand Fada)
A hike in a bucolic setting with superb light, a magnificent day for a cyclist. (Jean-Marie MAILLARD, September 9th, 2018; Fada)
It is so beautiful and wild... (Romain DUMOND, May 21st, 2019; Défi)
I was "satisfied" with 3 climbs but the beauty of the landscapes was worth it; enough to go back to discover even more. (Aurélien THOULOUZE, June 1th, 2019; Fada)
The Auvergne is a very beautiful region where we feel in harmony. (Raymond BRUCKNER, June 8th, 2019; Défi)
This was our first stay in the Cantal and it's a great discovery! The landscapes around the Puy Mary are sumptuous and give a rare impression of space and sérénity. (Sophie DUVERNAY & Stéphane MAURE, July 8th, 2019; Défi)
Unforgetable souvenir, what a beautiful region. To redo with 4 climbs. (Michel LASSERAND, July 16th, 2019; Fada)
The landscapes... I don't have the necessary talent to discribe how great the site is. We have fallen in love with this region and will certainly come back to bike or to hike there. (Frédéric SALMON & Hubert PALANCHON, July 17th, 2019; Grand Fada)
It is a great challenge and we had a lot of fun. (Greta GRÜNEWALD and Jochen BENINI; June 17th, 2019; Grand Fada and Défi)